"Status quo: The existing order of things; present customs, practices, and power relations." –dictionary.com

The Chemical Engineering Society epitomizes the greatness that any student organization not just in the Faculty but in the whole University can only think of. Its projects are characterized as fun, innovative, beneficial, and educational. Many student organizations envy the great stature that the ChES has become.

We were all welcomed by the Chemical Engineering Society to the Chemical Engineering family. The organization made sure that we were all taken care of as Chemical Engineering students should be. It started when we were freshmen and hopefully until we graduate.

But each year, as the number of my tenure in the faculty increases, I slowly visualize this thing called as Status quo. When we arrived in the Faculty, we were presented by existing order, existing practices and norms that no one else can defy. It is the norm. It is the one dictated by the organization to its constituents.

But as you linger deep inside the working ring of the organization you start to realize, does the organization really dictate the actions? Or is it someone else?

Every year it's a circle; A constant loop that has no capability of change; A circle that symbolize stagnancy which leaves no room for improvement and growth.

SHIFT is a STUDENT POLITICAL PARTY that heralds change for the betterment and improvement of the ChES. It was created to give choice to the Chemical Engineering Students and stop the stagnancy that has plagued the organization. It is a battle cry of the students who struggled to break the status quo, of the seemingly unheard of voice that is silently but surely is manipulating this STUDENT ORGANIZATION.

Join us! Join SHIFT to break the barriers of the status quo and initiate change in our beloved organization, the Chemical Engineering Society! Join us and feel the burning passion of the students who wants to have dominion over that silent voice that is taking control of the Society! Vote for SHIFT Straight!


-Chief, Legal and Political Affairs, SHIFT