As we near the campaign period scheduled by our local COMELEC, we grow more and more excited and at the same time, a bit worried. Maybe, it's just me, because this is my very first election to spearhead. But proclaimed by myself as the Chief Campaign Manager and Political Strategist for this campaign. It's not that i was forced to, because I want to. This is the only way that I can show my passion to serve. I will not be able to run for electoral position because of my failing units the previous semester. So I'm hoping for any appointed post, of which I intend to give my best.

9-0 Stats. That is our target! Well not just this year, but every year! I again would like to stress, SIKLAB is the best thing that ever happened to the Engineering Students. Knocking the heads off LIT and RESPECT to do something. To step up! SIKLAB will give service to studentry with little steps, even if it takes along time, but surely, these baby steps will change the Faculty of Engineering with every step.

So I encourage you my fellow future Thomasian Engineers! Vote for SIKLAB straight! It is only thru SIKLAB that you will fill the burn of passion!