Earl, Alberchie, Whel, Arnie. Mga important boys ng buhay ko.

I woke up today surprised, because I found myself reaching out for my cellphone and texting Mr. Popular good morning. I’m really fond of Earl right now. Maybe I’m still really so proud that he competed as Mr. Engineering Science in the recently concluded Ideal Thomasian Engineering Personality. I am so very proud!

And then I thought of Alberchie, I’m wondering how he feels right now considering with his break up with his beloved girlfriend. He seems happy . But I still don’t know if that’s true. I haven’t talked with him intimately for the longest time. I know how much he loves her. I can’t imagine that he will not should a single tear for her. Well, the male ego.

I thought of Whel with his date with his honey. It was just a friendly date. No biggie. I still haven’t had a clue what happened. Did they kissed? had sex? Totally clueless. Anyway, I should be receiving my infos later. Hihihi!

And finally Arnie, with his stubbornness prowess. The usual, the lonely unloved unrecognized boy who always asks for company. In short, the kid’s EMO his hairstyle is a proof of that.

I turned on the TV, and the 1st thing I heard was “Oh My Effing God!” by Blair of Gossip Girl. My new favorite Phrase!