"Doctor! We're connected!", shouted by the man with a headset.

A man wearing a lab coat sat down on the chair facing the mic. He cleared his throat and started speaking.

"We are attempting to contact the Wyndoria vessel, Disdain. This is a call for help. Our equipment on hand can only send messages one way. We have no means to receive your response. But we are sure that we are connected to the right vessel because we know your secure line. Please record the whole message and make sure that General Marcus Gallant hears this. We will give you moments to prepare for the recording."

The Doctor paused and closed his eyes. He waited for few moments, sighed, then started speaking again.

"I am Dr. Wilter von Phar, Wyndoria Soldier #02710. I'm the Head of Wyndoria Weaponry Defense or WWD of the Wyndoria Hidden Arms Research Facility, aka WHARF. It is an underwater facility located 150 kms 5o West of South of Dornough City. Our Research facility has been attacked by an armed group we believe to be Glizzarians. They were wearing suits with insignia of the Glizzarian army and were equipped with Rugner MG's, the weapon mass produced in Glizzaria. Director Kiat Anders was killed in the bomb blast when the assailants infiltrated our facility. Together with the head of Wyndoria Weaponry Offense, Dr. Wellon Vanguard, we ordered the evacuation of all personnel. We followed protocol 52 which prompted the destruction of our facility. The Glizzarians were after our research and attempted to copy it but we managed to stop the process. But we have reason to believe that they may have copied some information but we are on the process of determining what. Judging from our initial scan of last data accessed, they were able copy a portion of our WWO database. WWO stands for Wyndoria Weaponry Offense. The WWO database contains all of our research about newly devised offensive weapons. They escaped with the portion of the database. I was able to escape with five others and we were able to backup copy all our research. We are currently trapped in the WWD # 2 test capsule 32 meters East of the facility. I had this prototype prepared in case something like this will happen. We only have three days worth of food and battery life of four days. We are in dire need of rescue.

Please... help us.

We will try to discover what they copied on our end. But it is of great importance to prepare if in case they plan to use those new weapons. We can help with the prepations by means of the WWD Database. It contains all research about defensive weapons.

Again, we can help. Please hurry. The earlier we can prepare the better chances that we can come up with counter measures against the WWO weapons.

Again this is Dr. Wilter von Phar, Wyndoria Soldier #02710.

Over and out."

Wilter put down the mic.

"Disconnect the line", mouthed the doctor.

"Disconnecting line", the headset guy said. "Disconnected."

"Start rescan of Research data. We need to find out what they copied.", ordered by the doctor.

"Data scan started.", the headset guy.

"What do we do now doctor?", asked the doctor's nervous lab rat.

"Now...", the doctor said calmly, "...We wait".