an excerpt of the Chemical Engineering journey of batch 2010 boys

Note: Gusto ko muna humingi ng paxenxa sa mga ChE 2010 boys. Wala lang kwekwento ko kasi yung part of our lives ng walang paalam. Wahahahhaha!!!

I was watching the 1st half of the anime series Shakugan no Shana 3 Final the other night, and I was touched by this particular scene in Episode 15. This is where the Great Flame Haze known as the Adamant Convoy, Samuel Demantius, and his Crimson Lord, Zirnitra the Aegis, made their farewells. Demantius acted as the decoy for the Flame Haze Army to escape to the Tendokyu. He single-handedly fought a whole army of Tomogaras while the rest of the army retreated. He was mortally wounded in the process. But before his final breath, he thanked his "brother-in-arms", Zirnitra, who has been his companion for six centuries and had fought together in the previous Great War. It was really touching. Being that Zirnitra is a Crimson Lord who resides in a different world and only manifest himself through the Cocytus, he is impervious to physical damage. He made his leave as to prepare for future wars, leaving Demantius to die in the place where their last mission as partners ended successfully.


I am a member of different circles of friends. You can say I have many Brothers in Arms. But for this post, I would like to share my Brothers-in-arms during my life as a Chemical Engineering Student.

They say that you can know a person more in the battlefield than just sitting beside them. Whoever said these immortal words, I salute you. But of course let's not just isolate the world "battlefield" as a "warzone". I think that the word battle is simply analogous to "aggressive exchange". In war, it is the exchange of Trinitrotoluene powered weapons; Exchange of ideas in debates; Exchange of strategies in Trading Card games. You know what I mean. But during the period of my ChE student years, battle simply means Sentinel vs Scourge.

Defense of the Ancients or DotA was the first avenue where my now fellow Chemical Engineers and I became bonded. We developed a bond that started simply as an ally or teammate to win against the opposing team, then it grew to the friendship that we now have.

The first month of our college life was nearing its end. That was the time that some of the boys were already friends. I have a former classmate in our class that time so I was in their company. But when one of the boys asked me to join them in their game of DotA, I thought, "why not?".

I played my first DotA game with them in what used to be a Computer shop of the now Motorcycle shop below the Balay bar across the Engineering Building. It was then that I first used my Trump Character, Rylai Crestfall and the rest, as they say, is history. The history of our Chemical Engineering journey.

Since then, I have been in their company. We ate together in the then karinderia of the person we call as Mother after class, and then we played more DotA after meals. We played DotA to celebrate passing our exams; We also played DotA to relieve our stress of failing them.

The same thing happened when I was transferred to the "other" ChE section. DotA was yet again the instrument of successful communication with my new set of brothers-in-arms.

Through DotA I had come to know them more. Things that they would not normally show or tell in conversation, they constantly and unconsciously show during DotA battles. You can see those who are aggressive - excels in ambush, face off combat, greedy for first kill or most kill; those who are cautious - excels in defending, tag team partners, always with teleport scroll or boots of travel (i.e. me); those who are great support - party centered skill and build, wants a team win rather than most kill.

I also learned that they fall into these categories:

>>>>sore loser - veryinf bitter when his team loses
>>>>command center - one who barks orders to his team,
>>>>Die hard player - really serious when playing, normally a command center, then becomes a sore loser after losing
>>>>Casual player - enjoys the thrill of the game, enjoys smokes after every game
>>>>Bully Victim - VON
>>>>Bullies - Note: Plural. Always finds the time to bully Von in game.
>>>>Fated Partners - either they win together, or lose together. Normally lose haha.
>>>>Pawn - follows the Command Center's every command

One of the person I really bonded with did not graduate with us. After failing Chem 112 during the second semester of our 1st year, he did not continue the Chemical Engineering journey and went on the fork road to achieve his real dream. Well, our real dream. We both wanted to become teachers, and now he is one. An English teacher in their province. Well, for his students he maybe Mr. Co the English teacher, but for us, he is our DAGON WARRIOR, our brother in arms.

Because we play all the time, we have developed a secular lexicon for our everyday use. It is actually a mix of gameplay Jargon, as well as made up words that were given meaning because of certain events. I'm just going to list down notable ones.

Meaning: a unit of measure for something exponential in size
Use in sentence: I'm so hungry, I can eat a Jaboy sandwich
Etymology: Jaboy is actually a nickname of a brother in arms. It all started when his then dorm mate and our classmate told a story. Since they were in the same all male dorm, they did the erectile stretch machoism brag. Allegedly, Jaboy was the winner.
Dyosa Comment: I don't know, I'm not the type that peeks eh. That's not how I roll.

Meaning: short or small in size
Use in Sentence: Sayang! Nakatakas pa yung Gondar! Gatiti nalang buhay nun!
Etymology: It is in reference of the male genitalia in Filipino with the prefix ga- that means "same size".
Dyosa Comment: You be the judge why they connected the male genitalia with short.

Meaning: not balance.
Use in Sentence:Imba yung kalaban, ang lakas grabeh!
Etymology: Root word: Imbalance
Dyosa Comment: A general DotA peepz term.

Meaning: someone who runs away from clashes
Use in Sentence:Bading si Kirby! Tumatakas!!!
Etymology: Filipino word that means gay
Dyosa Comment: Is this meant to insult me? wahahahah!!!

Meaning: Life-steal
Use in Sentence:No! Chinuchupa ako ni Wilbert!
Etymology: Filipino term for Felatio. Reference from when Hesed exclaimed the exact sentence written above when I was using Pugna's Ultimate Skill against him. It was used ever since.
Dyosa Comment: AKin na lakas mo! Chupa!!! life-steal!!!

Meaning: Ultimate Skill
Use in Sentence:Gamit na nang ulti dali!
Etymology: Every character in Dota has a fourth skill that can be accessed first after your character reach level 6. It is different for each characters.
Dyosa Comment: Might be the most shouted word ever in the history of DotA gaming.

Meaning: important
Use in Sentence:Ang crucial nung pagkabuo ko ng butterfly, dun kami kumounter.
Etymology: Look at an english dictionary.
Dyosa Comment: We also used this term when addressing major exams. Crucial Exams.

Meaning: unskilled player
Use in Sentence:Ang noob naman maglaro nung Barathrum
Etymology: Root word: newbie
Dyosa Comment: They once used this as a BUllying phrase for Von.

Meaning: to kill usually by gangbang
Use in Sentence:Oi! Chorvahin nyo na yung Rylai!
Etymology: Derivative from the beki language but has a definite meaning
Dyosa Comment: They began to use it before I did, ask the boys.

Meaning: a cute girl
Use in Sentence:Shet yung chicks o! Jampong!
Etymology: Refernece to the korean noodle dish that was marketed during that time.
Dyosa Comment: Haven't used this ever!

Meaning: to press an aggressive attack
Use in Sentence:Patay lahat ng heroes! PUUUUUUSSSSHHH!!!
Etymology: It was always been used ever since we played.
Dyosa Comment: A general DotA gameplay Jargon

Beyond the friendship and camaraderie that we had with DotA, we genuinely care for each other. We fought the struggles of our Chemical Engineering journey together. We studied together. Shared information with each other. Although some of us became casualties of some subjects, but still, we pushed for the gold which was passing the subjects together.

I am very much proud to exclaim that no one in our ranks of brothers-in-arms ever resorted to cheating in exams. We may have failed our subjects but we never, and I emphasize it more, NEVER cheated. It was a do or die system for us. You'll pass if you're meant to pass. Always giving 100% of our capacity to exams.

I consider myself lucky to be part of this group of misfits. We may not be all great students like our cum laudes, but the end of the day, we are all CHEMICAL ENGINEERS regardless of our GWA.

Thank you boys. Thank you talaga. Alam nyo naman kung gno kayo kahalaga sakin.