People say that I am acting Un-THOMASIAN-like because I support the Reproductive Health Bill. Since the University of Santo Tomas, my Alma Mater, is a Catholic University, it is one with those people who are against the RH Bill.

I spent nine years of my life studying in Catholic Schools: 1 year in UST Pay High, 3 years in Holy Child Catholic School, and 5 years in the UST Faculty of Engineering. Although I hate my Religion Subjects, I do admit that I learned things from them.
One of the things I learned is that...

...God gave me free will....

God gave me the ability to think for myself. God gave me the ability to judge what is right and what is wrong. No person should be compelled to support what he doens't approve of. That is why I am making a stand. I am using my freewill and I am supporting the RH Bill. I am doing this because...

I am a HUMAN first,
a THOMASIAN second.

My duties as a human being precedes those of my duties as a Thomasian.

As a human being with my God-given freewill, it is my responsibility to think of ways on how to help others. And I believe that the RH Bill will do just that. The RH Bill will have a huge impact in our society because other than the obvious reproductive health benefits, it tackles the social, the educational, the economic and the domestic aspects of the lives of Filipinos. As a human being, one that had the priviledge to be educated, it is my responsibility to provide the truth to the unpriviledged. The CBCP's article that cited a journal is the lamest attempt to fool the Filipino people. (Read this article in Business World Online site) It's a disgrace for the Religious constitution to do this deception! Do they think of the Filipinos are still stupid? Naive, yes! Stupid, no! We are not anymore oppressed, poor, and uneducated like in the Spanish colonial Period! Most of us may still be poor, but we are not at all oppressed and some of us are educated! How can one be proud to be called a THOMASIAN if the upper echelons of the Filipino Catholic ladder resorted to spread lies to convince the Filipino masses of their stand? May I remind you that UST's, a Catholic University, motto is Veritas. TRUTH. Please practice what you preach.

Lesson learned #2:

Life begins at the moment of conception

I remember this statement very well. This was mentioned when we were discussing abortion in our Christian Ethics subject. According to my handy dandy Bantam English Dictionary, the definition of Abortion is the induced expulsion of the a fetus during pregnancy. Since the main objective of using contraceptives is to prevent conception, then there is no abortion. I am stating this fact because some people think that using contraceptives is abortion. Absurd right? But it's true.

Now, Pro-Life advocates will argue that that is the reason why they are against the RH Bill. It prevents conception, therefore it prevents the formation of life. But that is also the effect of the Rhythm method that the Church advocates. The idea of Rhythm method is to perfrom sexual intercourse in the small window when the woman is not ovulating. Therefore, since there is no ovum that will meet with a man's sperm, there is also no conception. There is another natural method to use. It's called Coitus Interruptus. The idea is to pull out the penis before it ejaculates inside the womb. It's a good idea in words but it's hard to do especially when you're in that level of ecstacy.

On another issue, the Church is against test tube babies. The method may be artificial, but it's main objective is conception, ergo life creation. I have a theory why they are against it, it involves baptism. But I will not delve in it further for the comfort of my mother because I might be tagged as anti-theos.

Lesson learned #3

Sexual Acts done under the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is not immoral

Sexual satisfaction is a need for an individual. Holy Matrimony will provide the spiritual go signal to make those sexual acts not anymore immoral as long as their doing it with each other. It is therefore a right for the spouses.

The Rhythm method limits the number of times that the couple will "make love" since it provides a definite time framre in the menstrual cycle of a woman. But let's face it, sometimes the mood of both spouses doesn't meet. It's a right and it's a need. They should not be limited to a small window of opportunity especially if they both want to do it but doesn't want to have a child for child spacing or control. Contraceptives are the way to go.

I watched the report on TV about this couple who are urging others to use the Natural method as opposed to using artificial contraceptives. But I message to him is that he try to put on others' shoes before he advocates something like that. Please try to live with your wife for a month in Parola Tondo Manila. You can't use what you've learned in school. Try to act like you're no read no write. You can't bring in money, so you need to work. You can't go to any office to apply since you're uneducated. When you are able to experience not eating a single thing in one day, then that's the time that you tell me to use your natural method.

My point is you are of different stature with those Filipinos living in Parola. You have your job that's why you can go through without making love to your wife while those in Parola have no jobs to make them busy, and they usually "bake the cake" when bored.


I would like to share this statement that I read on my Facebook Wall.

"May pakelam sila sa unborn, handa silang ipaglaban ang mga karapatan ng mga unborn. Pero once na pinanganak na tong mga taong ito at lumaki na, wala na silang pakelam, hindi na sila mag effort tignan kung okay ba ang kalagayan ng mga batang ito."
-Vince C.

After reading this, I stared for ten whole minutes at the screen. Plangak eh! Plangak na Plangak! And this statement was written by someone much younger than I am!

Now is the time to make a stand. PASS THE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH BILL! It's long over due!