Shortly upon my arrival on the Medpav area, I was startled when a girl in a full white uniform called me by my nickname...


A smile emerged from my face when I immediately recognized who she was. She was a former co-staff in the CSC '09-'10. She was then the Executive Coordinator to the Vice President.

In a nutshell, an Executive Coordinator or EC is the right hand person of an Executive Board Member (EB). Each EB can have as many Executive Assistants or EA's as he/she deems necessary for him/her to properly execute his/her office but there is only one EC. This is because the EC is the de facto leader of all the EA's of the EB.

In my experience, the position of EC is crucial because the EC can function as a pseudo-EB. If there are inquiries regarding the projects spearheaded by an EB, the respective EC can answer all of it in case of the respective EB's absence. Usually in CSC projects when the respective EB spearheads a project, The EB is the Project Head and the Project director is the EC.

Back to Ms. EC to the VP, We engaged in a very lively conversation about our lives and about the time that had elapsed since our last meeting. Oh boy! It was sooooooooo fun! And right after talking to her, it made me resminisce the joyous time that I had during our short adventure in the CSC '09-'10.

For this part, I will be leaving out all the events regarding the office of the Auditor (of which I was the EC) and TP4 (which I was concurrently the project director). I will also be leaving out those EA's who were my fellow staff from the previous administration.

Out of the maximum six EC's that should have been working, I can only remember three who were actually working. Well, the office of the PRO did not need one since the PRO is one of the most extraordinary people that I know. I now baptize these Three working EC's as members of the League of Extraordinary EC's (LEECs). The members of the LEECs were as follows, in order of heirarchy of EB affiliation: Ms. EC to the VP, Mr. EC to the Treasurer, and myself, EC to the Auditor.

I first came to know them during the 1st CSC get to know circle session. I got to know them more during the 1st CSC major project which was the Thomasian Welcome Walk of that year. Ms. EC to the VP was handling the flag bearers of the different colleges; Mr. EC to the Treasurer was in the Tech booth; While I was heading the first aid pavillion as well as being a barker which entitled me to have walkie talkie. We might have been handling different functions in the program, but I think it made the 1st stepping stone of our friendship.

Throughout the course of that year, we ate together, shared jokes and laughs, shared the compulsory burden, and that made our CSC administration more fun and exciting.

I don't know if they can still remember, but there was a time that we three were sitting in our respective EB's desk doing paperwork. If I remember correctly, that was one of our busiest time, the SR week. I don't know about them, but I felt a great connection to them that time. I think it's because we were doing the same things.

>>>>Doing paperworks for projects
>>>>Doing inventory in our respective offices
>>>>Keeping records of everything about our offices
>>>>Basically keep things working smoothly for our EB's

And you know what is funny? As of today, we don't have the same political affiliation. Ms. EC to the VP is from LTC, Mr. EC to the Treasurer is from Lakas-Diwa, and I am from SIKLAB. BUt you know what? It didn't matter during our time in the CSC. We were there to be leaders, and I believe we became one to the best of our ability.

And after that CSC admnistration, we all became leaders in our own right. Ms. EC to the VP became the president of the CRS Student Council. Mr. EC to the Treasurer was still the go to guy for posters or other creative juju stuff. And moi, became a licensed Chemical Engineer and the 1st ChE Alumni of SIKLAB.

Congratulations League of Extraordinary EC's!!! You guys are soooooooooooooo...