A few weeks ago, I was chatting with a close friend at their house. We were watching Gandang Gabi Vice then. He opened this topic about comparing Vice Ganda and Michael V as comedians.

He believes that Vice Ganda is better than Michael V because of the former's quick wit and the ability to jive with whomever his guests are. He said he was able to watch Bitoy in Eat Bulaga and found his performance lacks luster as compared to Joey de Leon and the dynamic duo of Jose and Wally. The latter three, like Vice, are all equipped with quick wit for rapidfire comedic punchlines that contribute to Eat Bulaga's noontime supremacy.

Hmmp. I beg to differ. I think that Vice Ganda and Bitoy are great comedians in their own right. They should not be compared solely in one aspect of comedy. There are many ways to make people laugh.

For Vice, its the witty remarks, the sarcastic statements and the pauso appeal that really made this kafederasyon patok to the masses. He was the one who popularized the opening statement, "May nagtext!". His experience as a stand-up comic really honed his skills and intelligence to make quick witty rebuttals to all his fans and guests. Coupled by the natural appeal of being gay, he is really a treat to watch.

As for Bitoy, his bread and butter is his impersonations. He is only one of the few people who completely becomes one with the persona he's trying to portray. When he's impersonating someone, I always take a second look. Although he looks like Bitoy, because of his talent, it is really believable that he is who he is portraying. I remember this show that he plays three different characters: Betong, Itoy and Bebang. They look like Bitoy, but because of the visual difference and the use of different voices, it really looks like they re diffferent persons. One of the most successful segments of Bubble Gang is the Commercial Spoofs. This is where Bitoy really shines as he portrays different characters every week. I really love his song, Di ako Bakla. Wahahhaha!!! He's really a talented person

If you compare them with each other's strengths you will find that it is their weakness. Bitoy lacks the quick wit for stand up comic and Vice also lacks the talent for successful impersonation. That's why one shouldn't compare them because their comedic acts are different. Vice shines in the impromptu stand up shows while Bitoy shines with his massive preparation for his impersonations.

Two different Comedic Acts but at the end of the day two great comedians in their own right.