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TSYMIS - Tele-systematic Military Intelligence Sector
Location: Formerly ABS-CBN Compound, QC, Metro Manila
Built: After the formal agreement of Gabby Lopez and the Military to use the ABS-CBN Compound for Intelligence purposes.

Report: It is the MI6 of the Philippine Force, the TSYSMIS serves as the intelligence center for all military and black operations in and out of the warzone. The facility is equipped with the highest grades of sensors and satellite dishes that even the faintest whispers of the residents of Guangzhou is heard and recorded from Manila. It will attempt to infiltrate the corridors of Beijing and defy China's own counter devices. Ms. Kris Aquino, the sister of the President, commands the TSYSMIS. The TSYSMIS digital systems can reach and guide every individual Philippine army soldier through an adjutant to direct him to his objectives.

Update: Multi-trillionaire Manny V. Pangilinan is interested to support the project in order to eliminate the Lopez behemoth station and to provide for the development of his own shows. The Philippine government is interested to prod Manny Pangilinan instead. When the war council assigned Kris Aquino to be the head of the TSYSMIS, Cristy Fermin and Raymond Gutierrez protested and planned to assasinate the Presidential sister. The two were arrested for contempt and were exiled in Lubang island.

Surrot Missile Turret (Anti-aircraft/airborn troops missile)
Location: Planned to line at the western seacoast of Luzon and Palawan
Built: In progress

Report: President PNoy Aquino met with the DOTC professors at the mid of May 2012 and asked "Ano ba ang pwede nating ipamdepensa sa Pilipinas laban sa mga Crane jets ng Tsina". In lying to a cushion bed, a bed bug bit him and shouted "Ay surot!" The scientists applauded the declaration and developed a missile projectory calling it as a SMTS, or a Surrot Missile Turret System.

The Surrot Missile has the ability to hit aircraft and other airborne hostile formations. Its turret releases a grand missile and 5 smaller missiles per two seconds, confusing the airspace. The after effect of the impact of this missile is deadly itchiness of the skin. They are planned to be lined in the Ilocos Region, Batanes, Palawan and in some key points. The President want it to be planted all over the Philippines.

Update: A Surrot Missile Turret model was given to Malacanang and the army are planning to plant SMTS's in the Malacanang grounds and two at Rizal's Monument. It was reported that a Surrot Missile Turret has been planted in Corregidor.

Typhoon Amplifier (A weather control device)
Location: Top Secret, a scientific facility called Area Sirena, Philippines.
Built: October 2010 - Finished: April 2012

Report: Due to the aggression of China, a group of scientists has round up to contribute to the Philippine defense system through the creation of an atypical of Einstein's weather machine. This is superweaponnumber3, also know as the Typhoon Amplifier. The machine has the ability to control and initiate climate manipulations to develop typhoons against hostile naval boats away from the West Philippine Sea., and eventually to try in developing super typhoons against Mainland China.

Update: Scientists tested this machine targeting the disputed shoal but the cloud formation loomed over western Luzon, with unprecedented and inexplicable downpour of torrential rain that cause the Manila flooding. Scientists shut down the facility until next promptings.