I am not a great writer but please do read this soup from my brain. I dedicate this post to a person whom I look up to: colleague, mentor, and friend.

I have two questions.

  1. What can you do to be called a hero?
  2. What can you do to be called a traitor?

These are two questions, but they have the same answer.

Just one answer.

One single answer.

Our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, did it.
UST's very own Jun Lozada did it.
And this person, did it as well.

Dr. Jose Rizal knew that he has the ability and brain to speak his mind; He did so together with other Filipino heroes through the La Solidaridad. The same group who spearheaded the propaganda of giving autonomy to the Philippines during those time in Spain. He made a bold move clashing with the Spaniards and that same move cost him his life. He was named as an erehe and a filibustero prior to his execution. He was called a traitor by the Spaniards. But for the Filipinos, he is anything but a traitor. He was a hero.

Jun Lozada lit the fuse of the bomb that shook the government to its core. He knew the truth. He said it under oath. And the issue erupted into a big scandal for he connected powerful men in the government in a scam project. He made a choice. He made a difference. He made that bold move even if he knew that it would endanger his life and his family's. A move for the sake of the whole country.

Let us call this person, Mama Clide. Mama Clide is one of the noisiest person I know. But despite so, I can never deny how wise she is. I will always share laugh, a thought, and even a problem with her. But contrary to what I think of Mama Clide, many people is brewing hot pot for her. It's because she made a difference. She made the move that no other student in his College/Faculty did. She stood up in what she believed was right. She took the risk for her sake and her fellow students of her College/Faculty. But in the end, since it's not the norm to speak out, she was treated as an enemy; A traitor.

What can you do to be called a hero?

What can you do to be called a traitor?
Just the same, MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

You just need to do one bold move. Make a difference! And it depends whether the crowd will join your cause or be against it that will dictate your status: a hero or a traitor.