I have read a message from the yahoogroup of the LGBT Partylist ANG LADLAD, and it totally made my hand shake in rage! It tells about a “spiritual support group” COURAGE and ENCOURAGE. Che! They have this brochure. Read it! It's so filthy! And they're having their hands clean over this!

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One thing can be said to the Catholic Church, before you condemn “us”, try looking at yourselves first. It is not an enigma that some Priest are sexual predators of children. Pedophiles. What is more immoral? Indulging on fetal flesh who give their 100% trust that you won't do any harm? Or flesh of a same sex individual who freely gave his consent? They are both immoral, but which is the lesser evil?

Wilberchie's five point questions

  1. Would God want me to live a lie?
    Would the Creator want me to live my life hiding in the shadows? Not giving my 100% because I'm keeping the real me within? I think not! I know that God loves me and He would want me to live my life at its fullest. So I can achieve my full potential, and then be beneficial to the society. I know many homosexuals who are now experts in their field, and are now helping others to have a better life. Examples are Mother Ricky Reyes, Allan K, Rene Salud.

  2. What is the difference between Heterosexual flesh indulgence and Homosexual flesh indulgence?
    NONE! They are both sexual indulgence, and should therefore be both condemned with the same intensity by the Church! Tagging Homosexual sexual activities as immoral is unfair. As a Catholic, I was taught that sex should be bound by love and not of lust. So it follows that Homosexual sex relations that is bound by love is not immoral. Whether it is straight or gay sex, as long as its bound by lust, it is immoral.

  3. Am I less of a human being if I'm gay?
    NO! I am a very capable human being: intelligent, wise, and beautiful. No one can ever degrade me without my permission. I am gay and I am proud of it! No Church or persons can ever tell me that I am immoral just because of my sexual preference.

  4. Did the Bible directly say that Homosexuals should be condemned?
    The Bible has been translated many times from one language to another. It is the very discretion of the translator of what are his choice of words. I read again somewhere from the internet that the term “homosexual” was not yet invented when the Bible was written. So how did the new versions of the Bible have the term “homosexual” in it? Until they have better explanations regarding this I will stick to this philosophy.

  5. Why would the Church interfere with my God-given freewill?
    If I'm not killing anyone, doing anything wrong, I think that the Church has no say in what I should do. I am a creature of God. He gave me freewill to act on my own. I, being gay is motu proprio. It is my choice. And until God directly tells me that being one is wrong, I will continue be myself and be happy with my life.

My message to COURAGE and ENCOURAGE, preach with the LGBT groups and not the straight people. You are just intensifying discrimination against us. If you want your message to be heard, talk to us directly and not to our friends and family. After all, we will just hear your views, but we wont necessarily listen to them. Freewill, one of the best thing that God gave us. Respecting others free intellect is one of the fundamental traits that one should observe.