Okay so naaddict nako sa Butei Academy ng anime na Hidan no Aria. Ang cool siguro kung merong ganun sa totoong buhay. Ang mga Butei in a nutshell ay sort of Mercenaries that promote peace and order. They are task to help those in need and apprehend criminals. Tapos yung mga Butei are trained from high school kaya gumawa ng specialized school for them, ang Butei Academy.

May mga Divisions sa Butei Academy. Kung baga, may mga specialty ang mga Butei, eto yung mga yun.

Assault Division - Assaults perform mid- to close-range combat in various operations. They specialize in the usage of handguns, swords and other weapons.

Sniping Division - Snipes assist comrades or destroy targets from long range distance by using sniping weapons.

Intelligence Division - Lezzads are in charge of making intelligence reports on criminal organizations. They are also involved in the construction and analysis of strategies.

Interrogation Division - Dagulas are in charge of interrogating captured criminals.

Investigative Division - Inquestas are in charge of investigation in applying detective and reasoning skill to analyze information.

Forensics Division - Repiers are in charge of scientifically testing proofs and use scientific devices to search for clues in crime scenes.

Equipment Division - Amdos are in charge of supplying, customizing and the maintenance of Butei equipment.

Vehicles Division - Logis are in charge of piloting any kind of transportation means (land, sea or aerial transportation).

Communication Division - Connects are in charge of providing information as a backup using communication device.

Information Gathering Division - Informas are in charge of compiling and sorting informations using information processing equipments.

Medical Division - Medicas are in charge of medical care during Butei activity or rescue operation.

Assistance Division - Ambulaces serve in Butei hospitals. In charge of educating future doctors. These people had gained sufficient experience from rescue operations.

SSR - "Psychic Ability Investigation Research Team") or have supernatural ablities. In charge of supernatural or psychological crime investigation. SSR stands for "Supernatural Searching Research".

CVR - stands for Civetta Reseach. Only girls with exceptional beauty can enter this course. Under special condition, they use their physical charm to apprehend criminals.

Hmmmp, kung isang Butei ang alter ego ko na si Wilter von Phar malamang eto ang profile nya.
Butei Major: Inquesta
- detective work and analysis. Frustrated detective ako eh. Magaling ako mag-analyze at proud ako dun! Hihi!!!

Elective units:
- course in the use of guns and close combat blades. Anung klaseng detective ang hindi marunong gumamit ng baril at hindi kayang defend ang sarili nya?

- basic to intermediate course in Forensic Procedures. Mataas ang aptitude ko sa science eh, bagay din akong magmajor ng Repier. Pero walang aksyon dyan eh! Hihi!!!

- course in formulation of strategies. I’m usually the think tank so mas maganda kung alam ko yung technical aspects of making strategies.

- course in information gathering. What kind of detective am I kung hindi ako marunong maggather ng info? Specialty ko yan nung ako’y nakaupo pa as Legal Officer nung college ako! Hihi!

- course in the art of conversation. Madaldal ako in person. And I have my ways to control the conversation. Hihi!

Ang saya lang mag-imagine! Hihi!!! I’m sure puro Assault lahat ng mga kapatid ko. Magkakaiba lang sa elective units. Like si Manong, im sure ang elective nun Connect. IT kasi yun eh, kaya hacker mode yun. Sniper din yan si Manong. Mataas aptitude nyan bilang isang sniper. Samahan mo na ng logi major in Airplanes and land vehicles. Si Jebs, may elective sa Logi at Medica. Marunong din kasi magdrive yun tsaka isa syang RN. Si Juancho, baka Connect din kasi IT din sya., Tapos Lezzad for strategy making din.

Kaw anung klaseng Butei ka?