I just watched an anime with an end of the world theme. The cliché of zombies roaming the world. The male protagonist really reminds me of one person. He has quick wit and a very strong personality. He is not afraid to settle hard decisions quickly and is very much willing to get his hands dirty. He is reserved to some extent but is very vocal when the need arises. A very capable and dependable person, who has earned not only my respect but also others who know him well.

With my closest friends, those who I treat like my brothers, we are already at the stage where we already know each other’s strengths and weakness. We have already earned each other’s trust and also respect to our different abilities. We know which person is suited for a certain kind of activity and those who are best suited to finish the assigned tasks. But of course, in every group there will always be one person who you look up to. Although, we treat ourselves as equals, there is this person that we can count on and we can entrust our life to. I am deeply loyal to all of my “brothers” but my loyalty to this person is above among them. I always take his comments with high regard and I trust that he will make sound and logical decisions whatever situation may occur.

There will always be a leader in every group. And for ours, there is only one person that comes into mind. I’m sure that I am not the only one who thinks so. Yep, it’s not me… Although I probably am the most intellectual and most experienced in terms of leadership in our group, but being a leader for a crazy bunch really takes out of the ordinary. Our leader can only be this person. Yep, no doubt about it. Our leader will be no other than MANONG.

If we were an Assault team, Manong will be the Team Leader while I will be their prime support. He will be the one doing the hard decisions on the field while I feed him the current status on the situation through the transponder. But of course let’s not forget that his quick wit is rivalled by Jebs. Their synergy in the battle field is a sight to behold. There is Juancho, capable and dependable when you assign a task, and Dadee, aggressive yet logical in assault approach. As for me, I will be the one doing multitask in the headquarters monitoring targets, calculating ETA’s for the best route to the target, calculating strategy options, instant options for escape route, explaining unforeseen events, and the pain staking process of being steps ahead for the safety of the team. I would probably the one handling debriefing reports too. Like I said, we know each other’s strengths and weakness and apparently multitask and paperworks are my strengths.

If the zombie holocaust comes true, Manong is probably be the one leading the charge with the other guys to protect our base while I on the other hand will handle logistics like food, medicine, and other supplies; Calculate how long our rations will last; and think about how to sustain our base. My gosh! My profession as a Chemical Engineer will be put to a test!

Hmmmp… actually in my point of view, Manong has this aura of coolness around him. That is why he is fit to become our leader. Well, he’ll be at wits end especially since he will be handling a crazy team. Hihihihiihihi!!!!