I was surfing the Teevoh for something to watch when I switched to TV5’s news channel. Dokumentado program was airing. Hmmp.. So apparently, the debate about the RH Bill in the Senate is already on. And on the podium for Pro RH Bill is the author and prime defender of the bill, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago while for the Anti, it’s Senator Tito Sotto.

My goodness! I am appalled by Senator Sotto’s questions and counter arguments. It’s beyond close-mindedness and reason. I can’t believe I voted for such a… ulk!

He questioned Senator Santiago’s source of data. She stated that it was from the National Statistics office, a government agency. The data I’m talking about is that 11 women die every day from child birth. OMFG! If I were Senator Santiago I would be pissed and extremely insulted by such a remark! He dared question the integrity of Senator Santiago’s research? A Doctor of Law? A UP Law Professor? A candidate to become an Inquisitor in the International law? Eff!

This was not the 1st time my right brow reached its apex. He said something like: “wag tayong magmarunong sa Dyos.” (not so accurate). But in essence he’s implying that the RH Bill will disrupt the balance that the Lord has given us. That the Lord will not create something that can’t be sustained.

Eto Senator Sotto, tatagalugin ko na para maintindihan mo ang point ko. Hindi ko maintindihan ang point mo. Don’t give me this shit na wag marunong sa Dyos. Pag isipan mo tong sasabihin ko. Bakit may global efforts to save the environment? Hindi ba gawa din ng Dyos ang mundong ito? Bakit kelangan pa nating gumawa ng international treaties at national laws para lang masustain ang nanganganib nating environment? Sa logic mo hindi ba pagmamarunong na yan sa Dyos? Kasi sa logic mo, kayang magsustain ng mga ginawa ng Dyos kasi it’s all part of the grand design. Kaya sabihin mo saken ang dahilan kung baket kelangan nating gumawa ng sobra sobrang efforts para lang mailigtas ang environment kung kaya naman pala nyang magsustain in itself kasi gawa ito ng Dyos?

What really irked me the most was the statement that the RH Bill is just for the money. Good thing Senator Santiago is tact. I agree with her that it’s unfair. Corruption is out of context in this issue. I remembered Manong’s counter statement for this (Well, all of us are Pro RH Bill, except for Av, an altar server). He said, ”Hindi maganda yung logic na yan, para mong sinabing wag ka nang matulog kasi alam mong gigising ka din naman”. The debate for the RH Bill should remain in context with the RH Bill. Corruption is another issue which is deeply rooted in our political system. You can counter every bill with this corruption stance because all of you sitting in the Senate are all there because of the political mechanism called an election. Then, there won’t be any laws that will be passed because of this crude philosophy.

Haaaaay!!! Why do we have *toot* in the Senate?! Haru! No wonder our country is not moving forward. We’re still plagued by conservatives. I mean, being conservative is good but in excess, it’s really a pain in the ass. Like the excess population that we have today.

Hmmmp… I somehow find it ironic that economists are Anti-RH Bill. Well according to monster from one of our intelligent conversations about the issue: less people, less productivity. Well in my point of view that is true in an ideal setting. But what I learned in engineering, there is no such thing as ideal. We should always look at the REAL situation. But anyway, I’m not an expert in the economics point of view so I’ll try to talk to my new anakiz who is a macro- and political economist about this issue. It’s better than talking to just a high school economics teacher. Ay! Bumabanat! Wahhahahahah!!!