Manong, Jebs, Ghie

The three header names are actually the names my friends so to speak. For more info about our Barkada check out my next post.

To make it short. These three are bestfriends. Imagine that, there are such a thing as bestfriends in a barkada. The rest of the group objects about their excessive closeness. We object because they exclude us in their circle. They always have these secrets that we know that we need to know to answer the questions that linger in our minds. It is pretty unfair to us that their keeping such vital information that affect us all. When were together they will usually whisper amongst themselves, not letting us hear of what they are talking about. I mean, WHY? Why on earth are they whispering in front of the rest of the group? If they don't what us to know (or be curious) why not talk when the rest of us are out of sight? Nakakabastos kasi.

"Wag mong ipapakita sa iba na malungkot ka kung wala ka rin namang balak sabihin ang dahilan kung bakit. Para kang nag-alok ng hopia eh hindi mo rin naman pala ibibigay" -doraemon


Wasn't it I who can call at her house anytime I want? Wasn't it also I who can ask permission from her mother so that she can go out of the house with us? Wasn't it I who can come to their house unexpectedly even if her father is at home?

I'm jealous of what he's doing with his college friends. He's a lot sweeter, a lot kinder, and gives a lot more attention to them than us. Although it is his life after all but I wish he just know how know his priority. His infamous quote that he said to Averi (our friend).

"Ang dami kong Stars of Destiny hindi ako makapili kung sinong sasamahan ko"

He was metaphorically referring to his friends. Well its a matter of choice, a matter of priority. It's not about having tons of friends. It's about having friends that you know that will help you grow. The key word their is help. It is best to be friends with people that you can render your help and vice versa.

The thing is we (Av and I) always give our services to him yet he still is not that passionate and sweet like what his college friends usually describe him. They make him their stockman while he makes us his. They would ask help from him whle he would ask help from us. Yet we can't ask help from him most of the time. But he seems to be always at their service. We have limits. If that limit is reached. Something bad will happen.

This guy is totally a lunatic. I don't know what is on his mind, what the hell is he thinking or why the hell is he that secretive. He always say that

"May mga bagay na hindi na dapat malaman pa."

Yup, I can't agree more but don't make us tell you things that we can't tell you also. This guy is pretty much the brains behind the two. He's always the one making decisions. He tends to look at other people's mistakes but not his. He has many mistakes but because of some mysterious reason he can make people think that what he did was right. I know his secret. And if he continues to pursue the other girl I swear I'll slap his head out of his body!