Before the Exam
I arrived earlier 30 mins. than usual. After I looked at our sked posted on the bulletin board, I went on my way to our assigned room. As I was passing by the Pax Romana Engg HQ, I noticed that there are may persons in the room, and I heard the voices of some of my friends. Only to find out that Albert, and some of the Big Circle people are there. (Pweh!) So I turned around to escape the wild beasts in the cage, and saw Berna walking towards me. I told her that I will go outside. Honestly, discreetly, I was hoping that she will accompany me. But I guess she wants to be more with Donald. It just proves that she's much closer to him than me. So I went outside, actually on my way to the Engg gate, Farah greeted me. I remembered that she was on the pavilions. So I decided to go to her. At 5 mins. before 9am. I decided to go back inside. I saw my classmates in front of the our assigned room waiting. To our dismay, Rm 109 was the room also assigned to 4ChE-B. Ma'am Duran, their professor, told us that we were to use Rm 110. But a class was taking a test there. Since it was not yet time, Sed, Rj, Nikko and I decided to go out. Mainly because Sed wanted to smoke. On the pavilion, we saw the 3B boys. With Monil!!!!!! (AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH)!!! After Sed's smoke and our little chat, we went back in and was suprised that no one was in the corridor. Our class was already seated and arranged inside Rm 110. Nikko and Rj were able to find vacant seats. Good thing there seats in front! Wahhaahah! Sir Chao asked us if we wanted to take the exam in front or outside. Naturally, I said, "Sir sa harap nalang". Hello? There's aircon! We're paying for it too noh! Besides, there was nothing to be ashamed of taking the exam in front of the class. Big deal (lame tone)!

Differential Equations, Math301
What the fuck! The exam was fucking hard! We thought that since Mr. Chao was our prof, it would be easy. Only to find out that it was a departmental exam! Holy Shit! well, I did answer exercises from the book. It just that most of the things that I answered in the book were not in the exam! haaaaaay! Bad day!