Sunday eating
Yesterday, I wasn't able to watch Boys Next Door because my Doc Kuya called and invited our mom and I to eat at SM. At first, I don't want to go because I'll miss an episode. But in the end my mom won in persuading me. So I took a bath and we're off to SM. We both wore red-colored clothes, and to our suprise Kuya was also wearing red! So we went shopping then proceeded eating at Flavors of China.

The meal
Delicious! nothing more!

Trips abroad
This October, Kuya is flying to Japan because his paper was chosen. And he wants me to make his presentation paraphernalia! His ppt and everything! My goodness it will be shown in Japan! I'm really pressured! I hope I can do it! He has another trip. He will be in India for 8 months after his wedding because he's going to train there.