Fox Rain
After I logged out at roseonline yesterday and I was walking along the Alumni walkway in UST, it started to rain. It was raining while the sun was shining its fiery heat! Nag-amoy alimuon tuloy! Well, its not pouring, it was just that the raindrops were big. You will still get wet if you don't have an umbrella (like me! Boohoo!!!).

MAFA Tower Defense
I was suprised when Av and Juancho went to my house yesterday. Lately, I want to watch Slayers, Saiyuki, and Rockman EXE. That's why I really don't want company during that time of the afternoon. Good thing our maid left the house, and we were able to watch the animes at the 1st floor. We ate (as usual) Pancit Canton and drank RC. we then went to Pavia to play DotA. It was the 1st time I was able to play MAFA very effectively. It was very simple anyhow. It's just that we ran out of time so we weren't able to finish it. Oh well! Better luck next time!