Electrical Engineering Lecture, EE302
I forgot Ohm's law in a 3 Looped Circuit! Oh no! I don't want a retake in EE! Well it's ok if Sir John Micheal Abrera will be my prof. He's such a cutie! nyehehehe! =D I finished the Maxwell's Mesh, and Kirchoff's Laws part early. Unfortunately like I said I wasn't able to answer the Ohm's Law part! I need to pass! I got 12 in the last quiz! Luckily I was correct. All of us got something/95. And the Current in Part one was 22. Because the total resistance was 70/11. Yahoo!!! At least I got a few items correct.

Sociology, SCL3
The exam was pretty easy because its either multiple choice questions or true or false type. But I find my teacher too profound in the english language. I barely understood some questions because of her choice of words. One more thing is that, the morse type true or false is so confusing. And the last part, the essay part. I can say that I murdered that part! wahahhaha!