When I was still a high school student, my great English teacher told us that there are primarily two types of communication. It is either verbal or non-verbal communication. In verbal, we use words to communicate, it also includes writing. While non-verbal, uses actions to express one's message.

Non-verbal Communication
If you don't know, I want to become a teacher. But right now I am thinking of setting that aside with the thought that I can help a friend of mine. I don't know his real name. I just know him simply as Suwe. Suwe was a preschool classmate of mine. We both studied at a Health Center near our barangay. I don't really know him then, I just know him as the son of the rice cakes (kalamay) vendor. The next time I saw him was that they moved to a house near ours. When I am going to school, I need to pass by their place. I would normally see him taking a bath near the poso. He was pretty thin then. There was one time we made eye contact. He nodded. He was the first one to nod, acknowledging that he knows me. Every now and then when we see each other, we always have a nod to share, although sometimes we talk, he asks if what year am I, things like that. But that nod really is something special. It's like we are conversing without words. Something like:

Wil: How are you?
Suwe: I'm fine. And you?
Wil: I'm also fine. I'm off to school. Bye!
Suwe: Ingat! Bye!

That nod means more than words. It was all I needed. It just shows that Actions speak louder than words.