This blog is dedicated to my barkada. The BnBp Family, Basagan nah Burautan pah! This would also include my first impressions for each of them.

Joffrey Stephen Amor
It was not until 3rd year high school until I can say that we really got "close".
My first impression: Well, He was one of the class clown. Although, he was more friends with Alvin Buenafrancisca (his seatmate). He was the person who named Jemini Cuntapay, (our president then), Jaime (hayme). He was really a wacky guy who, I thought, has no serious side whatsoever. Then came 3rd year and 4th year, where we 1st had our first out of town trip with friends. We always hang-out either his house or mine. Wherever it is its the same. Happy and Fun!.
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Ron Karlo Garcia
Again, not until year until I can say that were "close".
My first impression:
Cute! I thought he is shy. He's pretty good in his academics because he was part of the top 10 of the class back then. We are group members in our Biology class. He was one of the 1st boys whom I played Counterstrike in HCCS after I transferred there.