Arnie has a problem. He wants to go to their acquaintance party, but unfortunately, due to financial reasons, he can't. He has this big reason to why he needs to go to the party. His girlfriend will have no company.

The Reason
His girlfriend for a week, actually. He actually have two girls in school. Two Girls! He loves the a girl name mhylen but still went on with a week-relationship with Weng. When I asked, why did he agreed to the week long relation ship, he said that Weng just like to forget about his ex-boyfriend. So I asked him, "Kelan ka pa naging panakip butas?" He told me that Weng has Leukemia, that's why he pushed through with their relationship. Just yesterday, when Arnie was texting me last night, He said that he was talking to Weng. Telling me, that she offered her that that week long relationship be until forever. I don't know or rather we don't know what he really feels about Weng. Well I think that he is feeling pity for the girl. When the 1st time that he mentioned that Weng has Leukemia, at 1st I thought, "Ang corny naman wala namang originality! Napanood ko na yan sa TV noh!" Arnie kept on asking about the symptoms etc. "Loko-loko talaga tong lalaking to nagpauto naman!", was screaming in my head. If she's dying then why love her now? She's already dying! He just met her what, I few months? And he says that he's in love with her? "Echo na yan Arnie! Lahat ng babae mo sinabihan mo nyan no! Si Forever, si Nueva-Ecija biatch girl..." ... and many more! Haaaay! Iba talaga ang mabaet at gwapo. =D

The Money
When he 1st told me that, I thought of giving him the money. Well, I first thought of how to get the money. I thought about accumulating my baon for him. That's 400 until Friday. Then I thought of asking money from my father, sister, and brother. I told them that since it is the end of Prelims Maglalakwatsa ako. Today after the exam, Kuya Argie gave me 500. And you know how much Arnie's ticket is? 500 pesos!!!!!!! Problem solved!