Arnie's call
Arnie called me while I was watching Deperate Housewives last night. He thanked me for the money I gave him yesterday. Then, I shifted the conversation to his girlfriend Weng. He explained that Weng is not his girfriend anymore because Weng is back with her boyfriend. He said that he's really interested with Mhylen. What the fuck! Ano to? Merry-go-round? Nakakainis na ah! He's treating like every girl is a toy! We also talked about his friends in school, on how he realized that his friends are not exactly "friends". He told me that the first person that he considered a friend in ACLC was talking behind his back. Arnie was talking to this friend's girlfriend. And he seemed to be jealous. And told nasty things bout Arnie to Mhylen (they are classmates) which unfortunately triggered Mhylen's decision to finally accept Arnie as her boyfriend. Well... Life's like that. It's really irritating but it's how it is.

Allan's hug
Av and I watched movies at Allan's (de Dios) house. Allan kept on borrowing our cellphones. hmmp! Even though Av says that he is really a nice person. I just couldn't grasp the idea that he keeps on using our cell and asking things from me. We are friends, but can he at least show a little shyness? Well anyway, after I escorted Av out of the compound, I went back to Allan's place because I left my cell with him. While we were still watching movies, I asked him to give me a hug, which he readily did. Well, I didn't really feel anything special, so let's not make a fuzz about it.