1st Game
My Character: Krobelus, Dark Prophet.
Standing: 2nd. 5 kills, 4 Deaths
Items: Vlademir's Offering, Boots of Travel, Refresher Orb, Bracer, Ultimate Orb, Point Booster
Overall Team: Win

2nd Game
My Character: Lina Inverse, Slayer.
Standing: 2nd. 7 Kills, 4 Deaths
Items: Boots of Speed, Ring of Basilius, Aghanim's Scepter, Perseverance, Bracer
Overall Team: Win

3rd Game
My Character: Furion, Prophet.
Standing: 5th. 2 Kills, 6 Deaths.
Items: Boots of Speed, Hand of Midas, Mechanism, Guinsoo's Vyse, Bracer
Overall Team: Lose.