Kuya Roel
For starters, Kuya Roel is the cute computer technician/administrator of Roseonline (the compshop near UST where we play DotA). I texted him last night to inform him that I'll text him more because we're going to play more often. To my suprise, he seemed to entertain my texts so I decided to chat with him. His replies all come in late. (I found out this morning that he was in a drinking session last night) Here's what I found out bout him:

  • He is single!
  • *Suprise!* He's just 20 years old!
  • He took up Computer Technology in college

100% Pinoy's Pera ni Juan
"Saan nga ba napupunta ang pera ni Juan dela Cruz?" is the thesis statement of this episode. They also tackled, how much is a hundred pesos worth to different Filipinos. The journey of the 100 pesos!
Kara paid 100 pesos for her lunch.
The Carinderia owner bought gas.
The Gas store owner paid the water bill at LBC.
The LBC teller gave it as change to another customer.
The customer bought coffee in a nearby coffee shop.
The coffee shop teller gave it as a change to a girl student.
The girl student bought load.
The store gave it as change to two male students.
The male students gave it to the tricycle driver as fare.
The driver bought rice that they will eat for two days.
It's really not that suprising that 100 pesos to some is just a mere load, to others their lives.

Walang Tulugan!
I can't sleep so I decided to watch Walang Tulugan. There was this girl named Lala from Indonesia. She's half Filipino. I like her song actually. And another girl that was part of GMA Broadshow. Her batch was with Gretchen Barreto, Dawn Zulueta.. and the such... Also, there are these teen stars. Some of them are not really dancers. Some of them are just faces no talent whatsoever! Poor showbiz people!