Top 5: Potato Balls
PhotobucketA simple dish. It's just mash potato formed into a ball, then fried to crisp. You can even put fillings insid ethe ball, whether it's cheese, ham, etc. You name it! And then the number of sauces for this fried this is endless!

Top 4: French Fries
PhotobucketA staple in the fastfood business. Nothing beats the combo of Burger and fries, especially that some of the restaurants have special recipes with their fries. But of course, a bag ice cold fries bought from the supermarket then fried at home, eaten with family and friends.

Top 3: Hash Brown
PhotobucketI love this for breakfast. For me, nothing beats the to go meal when I'm late! Wahahhaha! The best part in eating potatoes is that they are not heavy in the stomach so I can eat lots of this when I feel like slacking.

Top 2: Mash Potato
PhotobucketA best thing in making mash potato is deciding what to put as a secret ingredient. Yes that's right! You can actually manipulate the taste of you mash potato by putting in some ingredients i.e. Carrot, cheese, etc. Also, I love making gravies! I have a special recipe for my own gravy for the mash potato.

Top 1: Mojos
Photobucket I love the Mojos inside UST! I really love it! No more I can say!