KALERKEY! That's what I can say to that film! Here's my reasons why!

1. Hot!
Grabeh ang love scenes! Mas hayok pa sila sa akin! The kissing part was so intense! Nagstanding ovation ako agad! It was so hot! You can really tell that they so need each other! 2 months apart, it's enough for me too to get spicy and aggresive. The attack on the love scene was different from other indie films that I watched. It is more straight forward. Not so many cuts, with only two camera angles. Quesejodang maexpose nang matagal ang wetpaks nila sa camera. My only question is, Bakit wala silang briefs?

2. The characters!
Would you believe, their are only two actors in the whole film? Yes! you heard me righT! just two! Coco Martin and Paolo Rivero. But there are 3 Characters in the story, JP (Coco), William (Paolo), and Melissa. Although the latter didn't really appear in the movie. She is just William's wife who keeps calling him in his cellphone. JP, a boatman for the Taal volcano attraction in Tagaytay. And William, a married doctor form Manila. I just can't get over this bisexual relationship. There was a part in the movie that they are sharing stories about their past relationships, either boy or girl. They love each other but William is already tied. The characters are really complicated, they just seem simple because the world seems to to revolve only to themselves.

3. The setting!
The time is just 1 whole day till daybreak, the setting is only in Tagaytay where the Taal volcano is in view. I was really amazed because lots of things unfolded in just limited amount of time. They had sex twice. They talked about their past. They talked about their future. They cooked. They danced. They argued. As if the time they had are only for them.

4. The deepness
They love each other. They betrayed each other. They pleasured each other. They long for each other. Even though the characters have releationships with women. I mean, the whole complexity of the characters really struck me.

5. The song!
I love Noel Cabangon's song! Nag-iisa wala ka na!

I got the pics form Manila gayguy