a person of life is a person of God

He is Arnold Villanueva Jr., one of the most special man in my life. Although most of the time, I'm mad at him. Still he has a special place inside my heart. I first met Arnie, as we usually call him, when i was in 3rd year high school. He joined the BnBp to Ugbo after the Halloween party. Ugbo is famous for their superb halu-halo. He was then a suitor of my friend Tintin. Then, we both participated as dancers in our school's Cultural Show. He was Jeane's partner. While waiting for the practices, we sat down by a window and began exchanging stories. I told him about my life, life of his partner Jeane, Gypsy, Tintin, Elena, all of which are members of BnBp. It was that time that I began to know him more. Well, actually I got interested in him because he was cute. So anyway, after the presentation, we became constant talking to phone, and next textmates. It was the following year that his sister Mariflor became my classmate. I became good friends with his sister also. I describe Arnie as a total kid that lacks common sense. Although we cannot deny his cuteness, that is why he has many girlfriends, sometimes, overlapping girlfriends if you know what I mean. But, it is a joy for me that he doesn't have the guts to have sex with those ladies. Ha! He isn't man enough! I am always worried of this kid, especially now that his sister and my friend Mariflor just passed away.
I'm usually mad at him because most of the time, he would not communicate with me, only to findou that he is in constant communication with Elena. Okay! Okay! I'm jealous!
Like it says on the title, I'll change my life for him to be somewhat the center of it. I really care for him, and I wont let him go astray again, even if I have to look after him every second of his life.