I greatly admire our fellow Thomasian Engineer, Engr. Jun Lozada for his bravery in speaking the for the truth. I mean, doing that is not easy, what would any person gain in such a high profile case? Money? Fame? i think not! It's just that some people are still skeptical of what Mr. Lozada is saying, so my advice to him, Drop the bomb that would shatter Malacañang's Foundation! People are just waiting for that evidence. I'm sure if he would reveal the evidence, more people will be willing to join the cause.

EO 464, is now officially taken off. Would this shed light to the controversy?

My comment to the AFP for showing of their tanks and guns. You're all such a big fakers! do you think you can scare the people if you showcase your armaments? ha!

We, the youth of today, are not blind. Corruption is very evident in our government. Our country has so much potential, if only our leaders will stop debating who should sit, who is corrupt, or what should law should be implemented first over the other. We are a democratic country. isn't it that the interest of the people are the ones to go first rather than of theirs?