The President of the Chemical Engineering Society is offering me the position for the vice-chairmanship of the Technical Committee for the next school year. Right now, I'm the vice chair for the Creative Services Committee. It saddens me that the next Executive Board didn't fight for the Creative Services Committee to become one of the standing committees of the organization. So next year, the technical committee will absorb the creative services, making it have two-fold function, for the stage design and the software design. Since it is dual purpose, it will have two vice chair one for each function.

I find it very disrespectful, because not only did they dissolve my committee, they asked me to be a vice chair for a sub-committee of the same function. It is like leveling me down. The reason why I didn't take the positions that both political parties from the ChES officership is that, the positions offered to me was not only low, it also doesn't fit my personality. Anong akala nila saken? Pipitsugin?

I won't commit to ChES next year if I'm not offered the chair for the Creative Services Committee. I will only join the committee council if the Creative Services committee will be reestablished and be affirmed to be one of the committees.