I was able to watch an episode of Cold Case. It made me realize that I'm missing something. It was a story of two high school bestfriends. One a boy, who has glasses, and a girl who is fat. Of course America, these types of people are losers because they don't look good. I was really touched by the story because even though the girl died, the boys still kept his promise to her.

I never had someone to call as a best friend. Yeah, I guess I sorta had 2 when I was in elementary, but now in my view, we were young then, after elementary our differences as individuals emerged. I always end up crying, because whenever I thought I finally found one, I end up assuming.

I think the reason why I have a strong personality is that I don't really have someone to lean on. As a child was a cry baby and was often called pusong mamon. Now everything has changed. I learned to stand up on my own. I learned to wipe my own tears. I learned to clean my own mess. I learned to endure all my wounds. All by myself. No help from anyone.