In the middle of HELL WEEK and my friend's burial (I'll make a separate entry about that), I was watching an indie film every night, namely: Jupit, Vhagets, Bathhouse, and Moreno.

PhotobucketThis is the 1st indie film that I bought and watched. The cover really caught my eye because it is colorful (or mainly because of the cute guy that is sitting and smiling beside Ate Gay ^_^). I really like this film. It really reflects the essence of a parlorista gay's life. I didn't see any superficial thing in the film! I mean, it could happen in really life. Best of all, it is very funny! Although there is the occasional, drama scenes, but over all the film was really funny and entertaining to watch. I love it! Watch it! Na kay bektas yung kopya ko!

PhotobucketI was really disappoint when I wasn't able to catch this movie in the theaters. It was to my delight when I stopped by Odessey Tutuban branch to see the title. At first I was intrigued because John Sweet Lapuz is part of the cast. Knowing John Lapuz, I'm sure he wouldn't do a movie that is just bull. I really love the movie, especially its lead played by Ray An Dulay. I like that guy. The lead is an great example of being a neophyte in the gay world. It is really about his awakening to his sexuality. I was really frustrated when I was watching the movie, because the lead is keep on insisting that he will only have sex with a man if he loves him. OMG! I mean, he's not really handsome and sexy, and yet he wants a stable monogamous partner?! That is so dang hard! Wahahahhahah! I'll admit even I try new palettes even if I have a partner. So anyway, it really focuses on what else? a bathhouse! Wahaahhaha! I like the scene that the couple went up to the roof naked, and had sex while an MRT train passes by! Whahahah! Ray An Dulay is the one on the cover.

Photobucket Honestly, I didn't like the film. I understand why it was given X rating. There were lots of orgy scenes! Although there were also in the previous film, but in Moreno, it was different. Ray An Dulay is also in this film. He is now more mature and "hunky" here. He plays the polygamous lover of the lead. I don't know if it tries to portray the life of a gay man or the T'boli culture. In Lake Sebu, the t'boli minority retains the Datu culture. The Men can marry multiple times, parents are in charge of the persons that their children marry. Things like that. I love Arlan, He's a cutie. BUt still I didn't like the movie, the story and choice of scenes was literaly yucky. Photos from Pep

Photobucket I love this film! Comparing it to the Ang pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, this film gives more importance to pagdadalaga. I actually realted to Vhagets number 2. You know, a floweing gay who has a sudden impulse to dance! Wahahahah! it's so like me! Any way, the movie focuses on the life of three pre-teen gays, and their adventure to discover their lives as gay and lives of other gay men in their neighborhood. I love it! Sobra! It has Jordan Herera as a magnet! Wahhahah!