They say that a bunso is the joy of the family. He/She is the most favorite because he/she is known as the innocent and purest among the family members. He/She is stereotyped to be carefree and rash. The one who is last to grow up is equated to the traits such as irresponsible, wild, and happy-go-lucky. This maybe true for some. But it is just partly true for me.

In every aspect of life, there would always be ups and downs. Being the youngest in our family, I have happy memories and also some not so happy ones. I am currently the only child living in our house. All my other siblings are now happily married each with their own home. Everytime that there is a need for immediate decision, I am the one in charge. I mean, although I want to have responsibilities, I just couldn't handle that kind of impromptu responsibility. For instance, when my lola on my mother side died, my mom was temporarily incapacitated to make decisions, my dad was at work, my other siblings were out of sight, so since I was the only immediate family member around, the responsibility was all mine.

I hate it when my parents makes comments in what I should do. I mean, at my age? Hindi na nila ako kailangan pang pangaralan. I know that might sound harsh, but I know they knew me as an intelligent kid. May utak naman ako, tsaka Diese Nueve nako! I can handle my life. I am more mature than they think.

But of course after the downside, we have the upside! I enjoy the benefit of laundering money from my siblings! Wahahahahahah!