Deep within my heart, is the nest of all my insecurities. No one knows these things. Until today. I decided to let all of this go as part of my cleansing.

1. Albert's distrust
I'm quite aware that Albert doesn't trust me fully. Although there is that sense of trust that I feel because he let me sleep over at his apartment. But I just couldn't erase the feeling that he still distrust me, because of the "wag mo akong sisilipan" phrase. Silently, it really pierced me.

2. Jebs' self-centeredness
It's been a while since the I started the explosion of my freezing field, and I still have reserve mana to make it go further. When he asks something for me, I try my best to comply with it. But I ask something from him, he doesn't always do it, sometimes, you need to be patient so he could do it. But I'm not that patient, especially that I have tons of things to do. I asked for our picture from that time that we spent the night at his house be uploaded so I can put it in my blog. he took pictures of him with camera too. An ice age has passed and still the pictures are still not uploaded. When I checked his friendster account, I found all of his pics from that night uploaded. Where are the other pics? NONE! BECAUSE HIS SO INSENSITIVE AND SELFISH!

3. Whel's busy-ness
I know that I have no control over Whel. And I know that he's a responsible person who knows his priorities. It's just that, I am busy too. Despite the fact that I am so, I am still able to text few messages. I don't ask for a lot of time. Just a simple thought. Although he repeatedly asked for forgiveness because of not replying. I said I was just cool about it but the truth is. I'm not. But who am I anyway?

4. Flor's timeline
I was informed that may friend Flor has less than a year to live. Although I want to spend more time with her, I can't because of my responsibilities in school, at home and many more.

5. Statistics
Finally, if I don't get my grades in statistics to satisfactory, I'm sure to fail. But I don;t want any back subjects. I still have two PEs left.