Caressing his body
from his chest down to his shaft
Sending sensations to his spine
making him scream

As I leave his divine space
He cuffed his arms around my nape
pulled me close
and kissed me so tender

Apex! O dear heaven!
Temperature on the zenith
as if Heaven and Hell converged
in our little cramped territory

He is now above me
gazing into his gorgeous eyes
makes me fall deeper into the
abyss of his dark enchantment

I am drowned of his love
my body longing for the pain
of the plunge, his thrusts
the symbol of his love

His body rising and retreating
Faster and faster
making both us
share he delight of ecstasy

Tired from the work of pleasure
he lay panting beside me
His lips searched my ears
then whispered "I love you..."

There's no more treasure
that would best this in my list
There's no more place I'd rather be
than here, with him, his arms around me...