The Reason why I call him Alberchie...

Well for stAl_3arters, We were close. And I tend to call my close friends with their pet names, usually made by me. And my pet name for Albert is "Alberchie". A lot of people was attracted to this special name that I call Albert. "Ang cute naman ng tawag mo sa kanya..", "San mo nkuha yan? ang cute naman".. Were some of the response I got when they heard me call him Alberchie. They misunderstood what it meant as well. "Wow! Bakit yun tawag mo sa kanya? Kayo na ba?".. is the most striking remark I've heard. People, very suspicious..

Back to the topic.. "Alberchie", well I clearly recall that, that time we were texting. And somehow I knew I made a connection with him so, I decided to make a pet name for him. I was deliberating if it would be "Albertchie", "Aberchie", "Berchie", or "Alberchie". He even joked that I really like CHIE so much. He said, "Gustong gusto mo talaga ung CHIE ha.. eto.. CHIEBOG!!! hehehe..". I just picked the one who sounds the best for the ears. And that is, "Alberchie". I think its obvious that "Alber" came from his name "Albert". I know what your thinking now, where in the world did I get "chie"? I got chie, would you believe? in a pocketbook.. That time before we started texting. I was reading a pocketbook titled "Dapat ka bang ibigin?" Its the story about a girl who fell in lovCape with the stepbrother of her father. And that stepbrother's name is Chito. So when the lead girl is a child she used to call his uncle, "Tochi". Which is short for Tito Chito. And for me it sounds cute. So that's it, where I got the "Chie", from "Tochi". By the way, here's another name I had in mind back then, "Albertochie". Ahihihi.. He's friends tend to call him "Alberto" that's why I came up with that. But it doesn't sound very good. AHhihihihi..

Well folks thats the story bout the name Alberchie.. ahihihi..