I wrote these poems when we were having the prelims for the Philippine Literature last year 1st sem. Wala lang akong magawa nyan, ang aga ko kasing natapos

Many Boys
I looked at my right
and saw Jay-r beside me
on his back is Donald
answering his test completely
and I thoght about a boy named Alberchie
Which of course, I treat
like a little brother just like Arnie
Well I couldn't see how
my life became close with Ruffee
because I know he's more focus
with girls than to study
But of course with these boys
I'm Happy!

Silence of the night
The echoes that I hear
seems to come form some place
A place where my thoughts lingers
Reverberating from my mind
Down to my soul
A silent chill enveloping me
Trying to cope form the pain
Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye!
The voiced screamed!
And a spark of red light
Burst from within me
leaving everything silent

Cut him!
Cut me!
Cut the thread
that make us free
For we shall bind as one
and be happy
with freedom gone
we are tied to one another
bound by the love that
we have for each other
So cut away my friend!
Cut away!
Because the moment we fall,
we are happy!