Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI was watching Ang Pinaka last Sunday with the episode title of Pinakamalalagim na pagpanaw.

I was suprised to see Miriam Defensor-Santiago in tears at her son's wake. Well, yes. She's a mother afterall. Talagang masakit sa isang ina na mawalan ng isang anak. Alexander Robert Fulgencio Defensor-Santiago or AR was Senator Santiago's favorite son. The 22 year old lad was found dead in his room with a gusnhot wound that killed him. I was searching the net for videos of the media coverage of AR's wake. Unfortunately I couldn't find any.

It really shocked me because the fiesty Senator was wallowed up in misery as the footage implied. It's so pityful.

But I admire Senator Miriam Santiago's dedication to Law. Being that she's a doctor of such. She assures ill-politicians that she has eyes on them.

Congratulations to Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago for being the Philippine representative for the U.N. World Law.

Kick some butt senator! I'm proud of you!