The following text is for mature audiences only. If you're not that open-minded I suggest for you to not read the entry

There different kind of gays. If I would name them all, I would then need to explain them all and that will take a lot of time. But to justify my statement: parloristas, pa-mhinta, boy-lactum are some of the types.

I believe that I am called a Lalakwe. This is due of my liking to boyish stuffs than girls stuffs. I play dota with the boys, I am more acquainted with boys and you will normally see me hanging out with boys. Although, I admit that I am really a gay because I do fall in love in boys, and I drool over boy bodies.

Sex is somehow equated with homosexuality. People think that if you're a homosexual, you will do something "evil" when you interact with the same sex. In the remainder of my entry I would be focusing on the gay side so if I say the "same sex" I'm pertaining to the male gender.

It's a reality that gays do suck cock, and also gets fucked in the ass. But there are also species of gays who like to fuck and to be suck. Sex is somehow part of being gay. I can say that a gay's life is not complete without being exposed to such experience. For instance, I'm a bottom. I'm one with those you suck and gets fucked. So far, I like all the sexual experience that I did. Although I can say that I am not proud doing all of them but still I'm happy.

I'm different kind of gay. Like I said before, I would normally be friends with the boys. They would normally be closer with me. One thing that I instill to them is to trust me. It's important that they trust me. I told each one of them, that I would not do anything that is against their will. I respect them, so respect is also what I want in return.

This is a fact. Gays don't need to suck the cock of their beloved. Pag mahal ka ng bakla hindi sya gagawa ng bagay na ayaw ng mo. No matter how lustful the person maybe. We will always gather strength to defeat the lustful thought. It is really hard I tell you. But just so not to have an awkward relationship with that person, we will try to fight the feeling. Although, sucking the cock of the one we love is one of our best dreams. But if consent was given to us, Tanga nalang ang baklang umayaw! If consent was given, it would be more pleasurable for both parties especially for the gay. It's a new level of trust that the boy gave to the gay. Although I know most people wont think that. I believe that that kind of relationship can only be achieved if the boy and gay really trust each other. Pero mahirap hindi mafall yung gay dun sa guy. Nahada na nya eh. Normally, a sense of flattery will invade the gay then confusion. Inlove na ang bektas sa guy. Hanggang sa hindi na nya ulet hinada yung guy kahit na may consent na. That's the level of love that a gay can give. We always think of the other person first before ourselves.

Being a gay is having an unfair life. Some may say that life is already unfair. But I tell you it's more unfair if you're a homosexual. Being discriminated in everything. Being thought of as salot. But it all boils down to if you're willing to embrace it. If you embrace it wholeheartedly, I'm sure you will be happy. If not, you're living a miserable life my friend.