A boy was in love with his gay friend, then his other friend asked him, "Why him?" Then the boy replied immediately, "if only you can borrow my eyes, you will see the girl inside his heart".

I was really touched by this quote. I can say that the gay here is truly happy. It is a dream come true for any gay to be loved for what he is and not for what he has. Not only that, the guy here is straight. He fell in love to a person with a girl's heart.

As gays, we want to be respected and recognized. We also have our individual identities even though we are homosexual. Some of us are different from the stereotype. We are also human. Judging us from the outside is unfair. A bias to all straight people is nothing but rubbish. We gays are also talented. We are also complex species who need love, care, and understanding.

Although I can say that total eradication of heterosexual bias is not that easy, at least a little bit less in every generation will do.