Happy Birthday!

Today is his birthday. This special person, now turns 19 years old. I can't believe how this man made a big impact in my life. Even though I won't admit it, he is still really special to me. Naalala ko pa nung close pa kame. I really treated him as a brother. We didn't have any relationship beyond that. For the record, we had no sexual relations. Walang hadahang nangyari ok? Ok! Ok! I know some people will react, but I assure you I didn't do anything. I'm sure all that gays would agree that we don't need sexual relations when we really love the person. Mahal ko talaga sya. But there are those things called "Levels of love", wherein the type of love that I'm giving him is called Philial love or brotherly love. It's just that people tend to misinterpret our closeness to something else. Is it hard to believe that a gay and a guy are just close friends? Those were happy days. It's just a shame that they are just mere memories now. No more will they increase, cause finally my eyes are now sealed.