I was diagnosed by my Kuya with Inflamed Onchitis.

Actually, it is the inflamation of my right testicle. Well, it swelled. I was not able to walk properly for a few days. Even right now as I type these words, I can still feel my "ball" aching. I still feel uncomfortable sitting down. The only time that there is no sensation in that part of my body is when I am lying down. Well anyway, the injections that I took cost 1290 pesos each and I had 8 shots of those strong antibacterial drugs. A heplock was planted to me for a few days then. Last night, we removed the heplock because I was through with the shots. I am now taking ciprofloxacin twice a day which costs 240 pesos each. I can't stand long hours of standing let alone walking. So right now I'm taking it easy. I've already declared vacancy in all of my positions in the University so as of now I have no org.