Cristine Reyes vs Carlene Aguilar
I'm really furious with Carlene Aguilar. It's unethical to do such thing, and now the issue is in the mouth of every indays. I mean, she comes from a prominent family, she was crown Binibining Pilipinas, and she has that kind of attitude?! Kung sana kung saang lecheng school lang sya nag-aral. Kaso sa Ateneo pa sya nag-aral tapos ganyan ugali nya. What would the world think about Ateneo? That they don't instill good values into their students?! But the thought that she's educated and still push through with the act really pisses me off! Kung ganyan lang din ang ugali nya sana hindi nalang sya nag-aral! Marami pa sanang nakakakain kesa pinang-tuition nya noh!

The gays filed a case
Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual filed a libel case against Manay Lolit Solis. I stay firm to what I say. They are gays. And their reaction towards Manay Lolit's column reaffirms my statement. If you're really what you say you are, you wont't be scandalized by the article. What's wrong with saying that both pa-mhins are whispering in a hotel resturant and was suprised to see her? There's nothing wrong with two men whispering at a hotel. Sila nalang nagbigay ng kulay dun sa article.

Ang message ko sa dalawang bakla. Mga bakla lumadlad na kayo alam ko naman na humahada din kayo. Kayo kayo nga lang. Wahahahha! Tska uso na ang baklang may anak ano.

In english, my message to the two homosexuals. Sisters, have to courage to go out of the closet. I know that you suck cocks too. It's just that you suck each other. Wahahhahah! Besides, gay men with children is in now.

To Manay Lolit! Keep up your scoop Manay! I'll be reading your columns!