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Before                     After
Do you want to know the name of this cutie?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHis name is Louie John Alcarion. I call him Whel. He was my classmate when I was second year high school. Actually that was the only time that we became classmate. Naalala ko pa nun, super duper crush ko tong mokong na to! Who would blame me? He's cute, smart, kind, and has a very nice smile! He's B1 of St. Philip 02'-'03. He transferred to a public school the following school year. Up until now, I still don't know the reason why (So Louie if you're reading this be sure to explain ok?). That time, even though we were not together physically, I know that somewhere deep down, I know he's with me. After all, he's part of the BnBp barkada.

He was able to pass PLM, but later failed in English because his teacher has a hot eye on him. He then transferred to Philippine College of Health Sciences or PCHS (I don't know if that's correct) where his mom is the Dean. Take note that even though his mom is the Dean, he stills studies very hard. He even has to initiative to sit in some classes. Ewan ko lang ah, pero para saken, tama na yan 'tol. Nakakapagod yan ah! Matulog ka naman!

Before, he's always missing in action. What I mean is, pag may lakad and barkada, lagi syang wala. But now, I 'm the one missing in action! Wahahahahahah! =D He was the 1st one I called after I bought my new SUN! My gosh! May katext nanaman ako ng walang tulugan! Wahahahah!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Wala pa den syang girlfriend after his last heartstopping, heartpounding, heartwrenching love story with Shelby. If you think his hopeless because he's still in love with ex, well! I beg to differ! He's surrounded by ladies! He's always an eye catcher! Wahahahaha! Ganun ka-appeal si Whel noh!

Finally I can say, he's a really really close special friend of mine. I mean, I think my life now would not be complete without him in it. Ayt Whel?

Famous line ni Whel: TCCIC Take care coz I care Sweet dba?

My Favorite Pics of Whel:

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Like ko to kahit mukha syang ghost na may hawak ng flowers. Ang sabi naman nya Capping daw nila yan.

Tinatago nya tong pic na to sa private photos nya sa friendster kasi ayaw daw nyang ipakita sa parents nya na umiinom. Ang masasabi ko lng Whel, Good! Good! Petty evil things won't make you bad! Whahahahhahah!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

ANG CUTE CUTE NILA NOH???? Hindi ko alam kung kaano ano ni Whel si cutie baby pero ang cute nila together!

Remembrance sa LARGED!