My Dad won in the Barangay Elections as Chairman! It was a landslide victory! My Dad got a total of 653 votes with the total turn out of votes of 1179. Even with the combined votes of his opponents they don't have a chance! wahahahah! I'm so happy! It's about time that Barangay 80 Zone 7 have a competent and compassionate leader. It's not that he's my Dad. It's just that all of his successors didn't do half as much as he did when he was in power. Look at the our Barangay Hall. When I last went there, there is a big room that would welcome you. But now, my dad told me that the Big room is now in portions and is divided by walls. Our Daycare center, which was complete with two air conditioning units and 3 electric fans, 2 ceiling fans and 1 stand fan, are now all missing in the daycare. It is left with an exhaust fan. Can you imagine how hot is it in there? I can't believe that it is used as a classroom for prep students. Super init dun!

Goodluck that! And congratulations! I'm proud of you!