I was browsing files from my previous blog when I stumbled upon this fine literature. It's the evidence that I was once a teenager who enjoyed reading other people's works. The following text that you will read is a soft version of the original story that was written in a wear and tear intermediate paper that was folded 8 times and was once lost and was found wet.

From the creator of:

  • "Huling utot ng Igorot"
  • "Nang Mabuhay ang Bangkay"
  • "Halika, wag kang lumapit"
  • "Sa Gilid ng gilagid"

   Comes another story that will make your hearts cry. Your tears and emotions will burst.

An Award winning of:

  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Actor
  • Best Supporting Actor
  • Best Author
  • Best Script
  • Best Costume

     A man who's only want is to survive this horrible event. And will do his best to fight them all.

Actor/ActressCharacter Played
EdwardCaptain of EBS
AlvinTeam Mate 1
LouieTeam Mate 2
SalasPilot of the Shot down Copter
GypsyMain Monster 1
RescyMain Monster 2
AyraMain Monster 3
Juan PaoloCommander of the reinforcements

EBS in the Middle of Nowhere

Edward's Memorandum: Nov. 1, 2002

     Before the incident had happened, I ordered my men to gather the scattered weapons in the city. But the Zombie has break the wall of the city, so I ordered my men to evacuate the area immediately but most of them didn't made it and was torn to pieces by the monster. My team of eight men and I managed to escape, however, it is just temporarily, because the Zombie is after us and we must fight! We already requested reinforcements but we are running out of time. We must get out of here and try to save civilians but they are already dead so we must increase our bust and get out of here immediately.

File A (Edwards Memo) Nov. 2, 2002

     It has been three days since the invasion, and my team is down to three members: Alvin, Louie, and I. I ordered them to go to Kendo gunshop but the mission failed and I'm all alone, as I remember the door of the Kendo gunshop was locked and the key seems to be lost in a pizza parlor where Mr. Kendo ate and choked to death.

File B (Edward's Memo) Nov. 3, 2002
     I followed my men to the Kendo gunshop. There, I saw my men with no life, dropped dead, with all thier body parts scattered. Then, I saw the identity of the Zombie. I tried to escape and I succeeded because the monster was stuck in a EBS special trap prepared by my dead men.

General's diary (reinforcements) Nov. 6, 2002

Daylight of Nov 6, the reinforcements has arrived. We looked for survivors of EBS and some civilians. But the Zombie, again, invaded the city, then, my one of my men saw a survivor, but the survivor seems to be afraid so she still runs.

     Nov. 7, the looking for civilians is still going on. The 20 well trained men are down to 5 men. 3 hours late, we got some civilians, it seems that we are ready to take off, when the Zombie appeared. That monster killed all of my men and the civilian. I managed to survive the attacking.

     Nov. 8, the Zombie has taken over the reinforcements but somehow I'm still alive. I don't know what to do, I tried to kill myself but I can't. I told myself that I will survive, that I must, I must, I must increase my bust. The food supply is insufficient that I almost ate my shit beacause of hunger. I am like a dickless jerk in the city of the Ravaged Zombie

     After 50 hours of walking, I saw the captain of EBS special force, he got stuck in his own EBS special trap that he can't move. I helped him, and together, we looked for the exit of the town but we failed. We are like a leech in a beach. We are discouraged by what we saw, the copter that will help us was fired down by the Zombie, we are forced to fight it but it was too late for him because he got stuck again and again in the EBS special trap. I guess we were lucky for escaping the monster, because we had a big bust so we must, we must, we must increase our bust again.

     Nov. 9, 3:00 AM we went inside a building, there we saw the monster. But this time we tried to kill it and said: "Do you want my EBS, I give you my EBS". I fired three shots and that's the truth. We got in a copter and escaped the city. The government gave it a blast and BOOM!!! it became KoKo Crunch, no that's not what it is... and the city became as it is and had been erased on the map.

The End

Sinulat yan ni ng Delinquent duo ni Manong Ron Karlo at ni Jebs. The kwerks people! Whahahahah! Subukan mo sabihin ng seryoso yung I must i must. Kung hindi ikaw yung tatawa, yung mga tao sa paligid mo! whahahhaha! I missed this!