Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha

I finally was able to watch the battle between the two brothers, Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha. My gosh! I cried horribly during episode 141 when Madara is narrating the true story behind Itachi's conquests. In the end, he did everything for the sake of his little brother. Even at the expense of his own reputation. Kalerkaley!

The episode inspired me to write about my own big brother. I don't know. I just had the urge to write about it. Maybe I am not too vocal of what I really feel towards him, or towards his actions. But my hands are itching to type what I'm thinking! hihi! I have two big brothers (actually three if you count the other one). The one I'm pertaining to is the one whom I followed, the one who is now a doctor.

The earliest memory that I have of my big brother is in our kitchen sink. I was sitting on top of the lavatory, while he was standing in front of me. I don't remember what age I was when this happened but I remember him brushing my teeth while singing "Pasikot sikot tatsulok". He was doing round motions with the toothbrush. This is also the 1st time he showed me how to gargle. Of course, I remember that I wasn't able to do it and he was laughing like mad.

I used to play indoor games with him along with our Big sister. The games that we played together if I remember correctly are: Dominoes, Uno Cards, Millionaires Game, Dama, and Jackstones. I really really remember that we played jackstones because he is very talented in the exhibition part! I swear!

There are two instances that I remember that I celebrated my birthday with him as kid. The 1st one is actually the 1st time that I met his then girlfriend (now his wife). We watched the animated movie Hercules in Tutuban Silverscreen. The 2nd one is when they took me to Dreamscape in Robinsons Galleria where they paid for my Ride-All-You-can pass.

But being his brother is not always that happy. I actually grew up in his shadow. People had the notion that since he took up medicine, I will as well. Since he is the best, they expected me to be the best too. Maybe that's the reason that my parents where strict when I was a kid when it comes to academics. I was forced to excel because I need to be at par with my brother. Well, sorry for them, but after I hit puberty they can't force me to do what I don't want to do. I knew what I want, I have moral standards and I know how to take care of myself, uhmm.. sometimes! whahaah!

I find it very funny that when I do something stupid, my big brother is usually the one to take me out of it. Like when I skipped my PE class during my one year of stay in UST Pay High. Also, I think he's my mom's secret weapon when I'm being stubborn. She usually asks him to talk to me. Yep, and I usually listen. Usually. Wihi!

The only time that I remember that I cried because of my Big Brother was not too long ago. When he finally confirmed that I am a homosexual, I felt as though he rejected me. Maybe he wasn't expecting to confirm it or what, I just felt that he had a change of heart. There was this instance that I thought that he doesn't want me near his kid in the fear of infecting his son. I think I cried myself to sleep that night if I remember correctly. Well, that's the past. I don't feel that right now and I'm certain that he doesn't feel that way now.

Things that my Big Brother taught me
  • Never Litter - there was this time that I threw a candy wrapper in a pile of trash, he scolded me. He said that it's already dirty, why would I make it dirtier (by simply adding another candy wrapper).
  • Think outside of the box - He answered the word problems in my algebra book when I was in high school. He said it was his favorite topic in algebra, and he showed me some techniques too!
  • Never let anyone dirty your name - if you need to fight then fight for it. As long as you will fight with dignity and without malice. Yeah, I followed this, that's why I didn't let those political backstabbing stop me from being who I am.
Yeah. I'm his little brother. The cry baby no more. But still as stubborn as ever! hihi!!!