I never got over the fact that he is still important to me. I can't let go of him. I just can't do it. I don't know.

When I went back to his place after a long time. I was flooded by so many memories: Of the boy that I once loved like a little brother; of the boy that I hated because of being insensitive; of the boy that was wearing rubber shoes, pants, and polo shirt at that time. Of the boy I knew as Albert.

It was really a usual thing for me to clean up the place because before, I always do that whenever I'm there. The place was usually filthy. It's a boy's room after all. But I always loved to clean the place up. I will never be fed up of doing it. His electrical bill was still not paid. I remember that there was a time that he was sick, and I decided not to attend my Chemistry class to pay at the MERALCO station near the WELCOME Rotonda. I stayed with until I'm convinced that he is ok without me there.

I believe that our relationship will revert back to its original splendor. I'll admit that right now, I always have that invisible wall. I know that he has one ever since our friendship began, and so now, I decided to do it too. Because I don't know if I can bear that much pain anymore.

Right then, after returning from the bus tour trip, after cleaning the sink. Looking at Albert closely, silently. It made me realize, that my life would have never been like this if it hadn't for him. I would have never been more mature if it weren't for the bitterness and pain that I felt because of his insensitivity, I would never have been more mature than ever. I would never have been strong like I am today. That's what I thought when I was at the door, looking back at his half asleep face.