After buying some Med Cap. We were off to Intramuros.

We rode a jeep going to PLM. Whel paid the fare. I noticed in that trip, the driver was not really careful. There were two instances that the driver made a sudden break, and all of us in the jeep came pummeling forward. That's what you call 3rd law of motion!

Finally, we arrived at the round table, so disembarked from the jeep. We entered the gate wall. PLM came into view. So many memories came rushing back to Juanch and Whel because they spent their 1st year in college there. Well, they talked about ROTC all the way to the Intramuros wall. It was so boring! I can't stand hearing all the stupidity that the course ROTC did to them. That's all they talked about as we passed by the left side facade of the a PLM building. We entered the wall near the light and sound showroom is located. We went up the wall stair then proceeded to the left. Behind us, a group is practicing sabayang pagbigkas. The usual public school things. We proceeded on walking to a bridge, its the one near the golf course with the net. We approached a sign and it said, "Danger! Watch out for flying balls!". As I look to the right, I noticed the sprinklers spraying water over the grass. Talk about wasting water! I mean, does grass even need to be watered?

We moved on to wall corner, the place is a bit dark so we know that "happy" things can happen there. Wehehhehe. I remember that place as the one my 3rd year classmates and I hung-out after escaping a boring program from school. Well anyway, we moved on to the next sector, we passed by again the PLM building that we passed by earlier. Juanch and Whel said it was called "Camp big Falcon". I was named as such because the building was designed after it. I looked at it, and didn't found any resemblance whatsoever. They said at the back facade, you can really see the "Falcon-ness" of the building. As we passed by Camp Big Falcon, another PLM memory hit Juanch and Whel. This time, they talked about the tusok tusok corner, wherein you can pay lower than the original value of what you ate. Students normally mob the place, and the owner cannot actually tell how much of the fried products did the students consumed. So if they paid 20 pesos, that's all no questions asked.

So the wall walking continued, passing by pitch dark batteries, until we arrived at the spot in front of the Manila Bulletin building. While the boys were laying out the blanket that Jebs brought, I took of my shoes and socks. Finally, we laid down. AHHHHHH! It was one of the most comfortable feeling. Lying down in a blanket on a wall who witness a bloodshed, with the chilly night breeze blowing, with feel good friends on your side. We talked about many things, mostly boy stuffs, so I can;t really related that much. But one thing we saw in common was some kind of a moving star. We don't know what it was.

Whel, Jebs, and I really don't want to go home yet that time. It was just that Juanch has an errand or something. So we were forced to go home.

We rode a jeep from the city hall to Tayuman, and proceeded home. A rain was impending then. Juanch disembarked the jeep from Puregold. THe rest of us travelled until we reach the junction between Pacheco and Lacson. The rain was getting a little hard. Right then, I asked Whel to give me my book back. He did and I left Jebs and Whel to go home. Haaay he's such a gentleman diba?

Before I went to sleep, I texted with Whel. =D

All in all, I didn't spent a thing. Whahahhaha!

The End