Today, I wasn't able to play Granado again. Solely because, I slept this morning aroundPhotobucket passed 7 am, and woke up around 1:30 pm. The promo period at DC is only available between 9-12nn. So I opted not to go there. I'm here in Pavia writing these blogs.

I didn't play Granado Espada, which means Donald, who is playing right now, will go pass my level. And would brag about it for sure tomorrow.

What did I do? Why did I sacrifice my Granado game time and slept in the morning?
Well I just stayed up late talking to Whel. And I found interesting things about him and about what he thinks of me. I will be sure to write about it when I get the pics from last night. So basically yeah, I sacrificed Granado for Whel. Granado level gap can be balanced out with a little Granado Adik mode. Having quality time with Whel, Priceless.